Impact Resistant Door

High impact doors in glass or solid materials. We have entry, sliding and french doors that can withstand a hurricane or harsh weather. Florida is the nation's most vulnerable state with all its unforgiving weather and extreme storms. Installing shutters and protective systems is expensive and often unreliable if they do not get put on in time.

Typical non impact doors have little chance of surviving a full on level 5 hurricane. Hurricanes of this magnitude have been occurring at a growing rate and the need to protect your home from these forces has never been greater.

Choose from fiberglass, vinyl or impact resistant glass for your next door. Leave your home knowing that the forces of nature will no longer be the threat it once was. At Newman's we have helped thousands of customers become better prepared for all that mother nature has to offer.

Modern Doors Have More Glass


Today's homes have more glass than ever. Sliding doors and wide french doors have changed how light and air can enter our lives. Having hurricane impact doors comes to us from a similar process that has helped thousands of people survive from windshield related injuries and continues to this day.

With glass hurricane doors we use Laminated safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an exterior layer, typically of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or SentryGlasPlus (SGP).

Laminated glass is also used to increase the sound insulation rating of a window, where it significantly improves sound attenuation compared to non-laminated glass panes of the same thickness. They can even help on cooling bills. Why deal with protective systems that need installation every time a hurricane threat is close. The weather is changing and more storms are predicted than ever before. Contact us today to transform and protect your home.