Impact Glass Windows

Impact glass is a much safer alternative to standard glass windows to homes and businesses in areas affected by the destructive forces of hurricane season. Much like the glass used for automobile windows, impact glass or laminated glass for homes and businesses includes a safety layer that allows for the window to be held together in the event of a strong impact. In impact glass windows, this invisible protective layer is bonded between two panes of glass.

The protective layer is typically made of either polyvinyl butyral or ethylene vinyl acetate and its advanced strength keeps the glass bonded evenly when broken. This prevents the glass from breaking into large, sharp pieces, allowing for the maximum protection of you and your home in the event of a hurricane or any high impact. Impact glass is commonly used in areas where an impact is likely such as automobiles, skylights, and for windows in homes and businesses located in areas that are affected by hurricanes.

In the event of an impact strong enough to break the window or door, the glass is held in place by this protective layer, often displaying the spider web pattern commonly seen in broken glass. Depending on the likelihood and level of impact, multiple protective layers and thicker glass are often used for maximum impact protection. A home with regular glass windows is much more likely to receive interior damage than a home with impact glass windows. Likewise, the occupants inside of a home with regular glass are much more likely to suffer injury than those inside of a house with protected impact glass.

Impact glass can also be used to increase the sound insulation rating of a window. It has the ability to significantly reduce exterior sounds. In cases where decreased sound is desired, a special acoustic material is commonly used for the exterior layer.

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