Residential Impact Glass

Residential impact glass has the ability to provide you and your home with a level of peace of mind you never deemed possible. Contrary to standard glass, residential impact glass comes with a laminated interlayer bonded between to panes of glass, typically made of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene vinyl acetate. This exterior layer of protection prevents your glass from breaking into large, sharp pieces after an impact. As a safety net for you and the property in your home, the impact glass will remain bonded evenly when lightly broken.

Residential impact glass has many advantages. Your home's resale value will be much higher, allowing the average house to recuperate almost 75% of the initial cost to install residential impact glass. Secondly, your home is far more secure. Breaking impact glass is extremely challenging and would require some serious tools and be extremely loud. Thirdly, this type of glass can keep your home quiet from outside noises. Fourthly and the biggest advantage is safety and security from hurricanes and dangerous storms, without the need to install shutters or damage protection.

If you're just considering standard non impact windows, we encourage you to get a quote for impact glass as well. The cost is higher but so are the advantages. Check with your insurance agent as well, you may have additional savings on your homeowners policy premium with impact glass.

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